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Electric Beach Sun Tanning Studios

Connect: Is a quaint little salon thatcomes with a cozy feel.. Two thumbs up!!

Very clean, recently repainted, good bed lamps. Extremely friendly, helpful staff. Everyone is a pleasure to deal with - positive, friendly and accommodating. I really feel welcome and the service is outstanding! I highly recommend the Red Light Therapy. This location is great. Staff is friendly and knowledgable, which is very important when starting in the realm of tanning. The studio is well maintained and bulbs are changed out on a regular basis.

I've been very happy with the the service I've received here. I value that the staff isn't just there to sell you items, but uncover what will best serve you to get you to your desired results!! Thank you ladies and keep up the great work! First time tanning, the girl was very nice.

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I knew what I wanted just 1 month. Bought some lotion and the eyepiece. Enjoyed my first time, simple friendly no problems. I liked that I can go to different locations because I am moving at the end of the month and I can use my pass in langley.

Glen Abbey Fabutan

The staff are friendly and the entire place is clean. My wife and I love going to this Fabutan. Great results with the new Red Light beds.

Awesome job Fabutan Team! Always so friendly and clean! My go-to for mystic tans! Knowledgeable staff. I've been tanning with Fabutan for years now and the other locations are much better. My only big thing with this place, is its never consistently open at the time advertised. I'm a morning person so I'd like to get there at , so I can go about the rest of my day. But now I have to call in and the majority of the time no one answers until If you're open at , answer the phone please. Great location. The staff are amazing always know my name and they show a genuine interest in how you are and how your tanning experience is going..

Thank you down town location for showing me how a Fabutan experience should be! Great place to tan!

serving Oakville, ON and area

Beds work perfectly fine, and the spray tan is quick and convenient. Staff is friendly and always full of tanning advice. Had eyelash extensions done by Harley at this location and she is simply incredible at what she does. I had a set put on for my 3 week back packing trip through Thailand and I've had eyelashes a couple times before this but didn't get the best service or sets, Harley really changed that. I asked for very long, thick and overdone lashes, I usually wear similar strip lashes when at home. She added the type of lashes that are 3 to 4 per each lash strand so I had hundreds by the end of the appointment and they looked gorgeous.

Harley suggested a lash strengthener clear mascara which seemed to have actually helped keep them on for basically a month when I chose to remove the remaining lashes. She also covered the general care really well with me and provided some eyelash brushes at the end so I could brush them out. I had minimal fallout even though I was swimming in salt water, riding scooters or ferries with lots of wind pushing on them, sleeping on my face etc.

I was still very diligent with brushing them gently, using the length strengthener twice a day, not rubbing hard on my eyes and gently cleansing them. They were very even and she paid attention to my eye shape and explained how the lashes work in an easy to understand way. Took just under 2 hours with to the amount of lashes I had added during my set, Harley does let you stretch or move around if you need to. This might sound strange but Harley has good breath, it's a definite plus when you have someone hovering over your face for hours.

The location was clean, service was great, Harley did an impeccable job and I would recommend this lash studio to anyone looking to get a set. Nice ladies, great beds. I love the mystic spray tan. I got the "light", just enough colour, not orange and doesnt look patchy. They also do great eyelash exstensions!

Very informative and kind staff! They're always making sure that I'm tanning safely. I have tried different salons out but after my experience at this particular Fabutan, I will never go anywhere else!!!!! I use all 3 services!!!!


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I have been with Fabutan for about 5 years now and this location is by far my favorite, reason being the girls. They are super friendly, helpful and always cheery. I refuse to go to any other fabutan. They have always answered all my questions and been super informative on all their products.